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There are a plethora of misconceptions about the Sudbury Real Estate industry, and the nearly 400 Realtors® that practice in Greater Sudbury.  We've decided to set the record straight, once and for all by tackling some of the industries hottest questions head on, with a campaign we like to call Myth vs. Realty (clever eh?).

You'll find a few examples below, or...

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Myth Selling a home is as easy as putting
up a sign and collecting
01. Realty Sudbury Realtors® complete about
100 tasks for every
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Myth Having any company put my house
on MLS is the same as hiring a
Sudbury Realtor®
02. Realty Houses placed on MLS® from sources
outside the Sudbury Board usually don't
appear on the system used by local
agents and buyers.
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Myth Realtors® will say anything to sell
a property.
03. Realty They don' fact they can't. They are
strictly governed by the Real Estate Council
of Ontario (RECO), to ensure only the
highest level of integrity in the profession.
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Myth Realtors® are's a "cushy" job. 04. Realty Being a Realtor® is basically a 24/7 job.
Late at night, at the mall
during supper, on'll find
us doing our best for our clients!
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Myth I won’t use a Realtor® to buy a
house…it costs too much
05. Realty Actually it doesn't! In fact, in most cases
hiring a buyer agent to represent you
won't cost you a penny.
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